6 E-mail Marketing Tips to Improve Performance of your Campaigns

Email users have been observed to increase in popularity day by day with the rise of the Internet. The upcoming years will double the rate of email users. Also, email is one of the effective ways to communicate professionally with your customers and business partners. Most companies prefer to use emails as a channel of communication. There are multiple other services along with Email Marketing such as landing page builder, push notifications, pop-ups, e-commerce marketing solutions, and many more. Using their page builder, you can easily create an effective landing page with advanced options and drag and drop tools. It provides various editor tools to build beautiful templates. You will also have pre-designed templates. You can use them or build one from scratch.

They also come with powerful email automation, drip campaigns, surveys & polls, coupons, online donations, and subject line A/B testing. They help you send targeted emails to maximize your open rate. Moreover, these services offer help desk support as well, such as live chat support, phone calls, emails, community support, and many more.

Whether it is a small business or a large organization, every company aims to increase the leads and conversion rate just for the growth of their business. Various automation tools and email marketing tools are available to make an efficient email marketing campaign. To increase the leads, you will need to consider the essential email marketing strategies while creating email marketing campaigns. We have mentioned six email marketing strategies in this article that help you to make your email marketing campaigns successful.

List of Email Marketing Tips

1. Targeted audience

Before building any email marketing strategies, you will need to focus on who will be your targeted audience. The audience varies with the type of brand and business. Advertisements must reach targeted audiences so that you can make leads and increase the conversation rates for your business.

Targeted audiences prioritize marketing solutions, whether it is a small business or a large organization. The targeted audience can be measured by looking at your site’s visitors. You will need to analyze which age groups visit your online store frequently. Based on that, you can determine the targeted audience. Once you have selected a targeted audience, you can easily create effective email messages. It helps you understand the mindset of different age groups and their most frequently visited products or items. Even before hitting the subscribe button, you will get to know about their interest in specific things based on their age groups and activities.

Also, you can make compelling offers and discounts for your users to get the leads. You can also create a newsletter or subscription form to collect the information. Once you order your subscriber’s info, you can quickly determine and focus on your targeted audience based on their age groups and interest.

2. Email Personalization

Email Personalization is an effective email marketing solution, but at the same time, it is claimed to be harmful. Customers may doubt the high cyber security ensured to them. They are most likely concerned about identity theft and credit card fraud, and many consumers would be wary of emails, particularly those with personal greetings.

However, personalization emails rapidly increase the visibility and conversation rate. It is one of the major email marketing strategies for companies and customers. It builds the relationship between the company and customers. Whether you put the lead or customer’s name in the headline or address them specifically in the opening line [Hello, first name], that little bit of effort goes a long way. Hence, personalization can improve email deliverability. Also, it can be a successful email marketing strategy.

Moreover, personalized emails show that you can talk about your customers, enhancing brand value and awareness. Also, it increases customer engagement with your brand or business. But it depends on how companies personalize and address their customers. If you are doing personalization in a meaningful way, you can get leads and customer engagement. So, you will need to use this email marketing strategy wisely. Hence, this is also one of the essential elements of email marketing strategies.

3. Keep the Subject line short

When deciding how to frame that perfect subject line, there appears to be only one area to avoid: the subject line of 60 to 70 characters. Marketers refer to this as the “failure” of subject length. The subject line of emails should be kept as short as possible. According to the report, a subject line of more than 60 or 70 will not make any difference in the open or conversion rates.

However, it depends on your business goals to increase clicks (Response) or Open rate (awareness). If you want to increase click-throughs, then the subject line up to 70 characters is good enough. If you aim for awareness of your brand value, you should keep the subject line short.

Also, the statistics show that it’s not just the content you need to be careful about. But the number of the characters used as well. Email subject lines with 6-10 words are meaningful with the highest open rate. Another statistic that goes well to your advantage is that those subject lines with a sense of urgency or exclusivity give a 22% higher available rate. Moreover, 45% of recipients open emails based on the subject line. If the emails are personalized, the email visibility rate would be 22%. Hence, this email marketing strategy is also one of the vital parts of successful email marketing campaigns. You can try not to keep long subject lines while sending emails to your customers or users. Thus, you will need to focus on this email marketing strategy while creating email marketing campaigns. 

4. Choose the Right time to send Emails

Timing is very precious when it comes to the open rate of your email campaigns. You must be focusing on improving the open and click-through rate. So it is essential to choose the right time. It is a precious element you should focus on. One more important reason is, loyal users may want to engage with your content (share with friends or on social media platforms). You will have all the tools with that help, and you can determine what’s the best timing for them.

Also, Not all customers are ready to check the email advertisement at the right time. One of the essential factors to consider is the type of business you have built. However, 50% of companies or companies use automation tools to determine the perfect timing for sending emails. Ultimately, this email marketing strategy saves plenty of time and means. That’s why it is a practical part of email marketing solutions.

You can consider AI delivery as well to make your email campaign successful. That means that the automation software itself learns what facilitates the best with your audience by tracking their actions. Also, it takes some time to decide when the users engage most with your app based on previous behavior. Also, users will receive your messages at the perfect time. This email optimization type can save your time from investing resources into the wrong email marketing strategies. Thus, it is believed to be the most powerful strategy for Email marketing.

5. Send Mobile-friendly Emails

85% of users check the mails from their cell phones. Also, this percentage is expected to grow over the years. That’s why you should consider mobile-friendly designs while your email marketing strategy is without a mobile-friendly design. However, the subscribers check their email and always send emails that will be of high quality. If you send emails and don’t respond on mobiles, it’s not a good impression of your brand on your customers.

So, you should use effective and advanced tools which provide responsive layouts and designs for different devices like mobile, desktop, and tablets. Most importantly, mobile-friendly emails are an essential part of email marketing strategies. You can keep the font size bigger and the image size smaller. So, it quickly loads the texts and images at the same time. You can also keep it accessible by tapping the call to action button.

6. Segmentation of Subscribers

Most of the businesses that use email segmentation ultimately lead to higher sales. Subscribers obviously would like to see the content of their likes. Also, that creates a better customer experience. This step is essential to segment your lists to maximize your engagement correctly.

You can segment your subscribers based on many considerations such as demographic data, past purchase details, and email engagement. Segmentation by past purchases is one of the effective ways to optimize your targeting. Also, You can assume when this product might run out. Also, it sends an email to the very same user suggesting reorder ahead of time.

Segmentation based on email engagement is also one of the essential steps in the process, which enhances the open rate and click-through rate. Thus, segmentation based on different categories is crucial to get an idea about the performance of your emails. It gives an idea about how your advertising emails are adequate for your business. There are not many other types of marketing that can be shared as quickly as this. 

You can also segment your subscribers by demographic information such as location, gender, name, age, company, position, and budget level. However, It depends on which type of business you are running. If you are running an e-commerce store, basic demographic details like gender, age, and location are essential. If you are a Business to business software developer, demographics such as company position will be significantly valued.


Email marketing strategies are essential for making your email marketing campaign successful. Ultimately what matters is which method works well for your business. It depends on which type of business you are running. However, the strategies mentioned above are the basic email marketing strategies that should be considered in any business, whether a small business or a huge organization. Email marketing is one of the most popular communication channels that helps you drive customers. Most companies using the email marketing platform are likely to send messages to those who have signed up to receive them. Ultimately, it results in higher conversion rates. Most of the businesses only target those who already have an interest in their brand.

Also, testing different variations of the same email campaign will give you plenty of information about how your subscribers respond. Segmentation of subscribers step is also one of the vital elements of the email marketing strategy. You can differentiate the subscribers based on age groups, past purchases, email engagement, and many more. Also, email marketers send messages to their subscribers via mail.

From targeted audience to segmentation of Subscribers, we need to take care of all strategies to make effective email campaigns. We have mentioned six email marketing strategies that need to be considered while sending emails to your customer. Building a solid relationship with your customers is also one of the crucial parts of any business. We hope this article will help you make effective email marketing solutions for your business.

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