The Best Subject Line Guidelines for E-mail Marketing Campaigns

An email subject line is one of the most critical elements of an email newsletter. It represents the value of the mail, and as we all know, the first impression is the last. We should create an ideal subject line that motivates readers or recipients to open up the mail and read the content. Because whenever the mail drop’s in the recipient’s inbox, the reader will assume all the necessary information from the subject line. Suppose they found the subject line or title exciting and beneficial for their business or personal growth. They will open and read the information within the mail. 

So, the subject line can contain more points or importance than body parts or the content. After all, as an email marketer, all we need is to send the email for our benefits like marketing or sales purposes. But what if the recipient is not even interested in opening and reading the email. Professionally, your subject line must be short, meaningful, and motivational, which can create urgency. So, the reader will be inspired to open the email and must read the further information. Here we will discuss all the criteria about the subject lines and discuss different types of subject lines that can inspire your readers to open the mail. So, let’s start the training here.

Instructions for an ideal Subject Line

Before we learn different types of subject lines, it’s necessary to discuss all the basic criteria of a subject line. The primary goal for the email or subject line is to stand out without annoying your recipients. There are some basic points which are important to know just before starting. These guidelines will help you to create a subject line that keeps your email safe from spam folders. But, it’s not about the spam folder. It’s about how to drive more and more deliverability with your email campaigns. So, I divided all the information into two sub topics. Firstly we will discuss the point which is strongly prohibited to do with your subject lines. Then after, we will discuss the ideal email subject lines and the point that we can do with our subject lines.

Don’t(s) of Subject Line

Avoid spammy subject lines:

All the email servers like google, yahoo, and Hotmail are brilliant nowadays. They’re earnest about their email users and always try to keep them safe from spam and fraud emails. So, how to save your email from being dumped in a spam folder. Here are some of the points listed below.

  1. Spelling errors
  2. Multiple exclamation points 
  3. One word subject lines
  4. Re: Do not reply

Avoid all caps:

All the capital letters in the subject line are unnecessary. The emails with all capital letters have a low response rate as per the study. Other than that, sometimes, these emails are reported as spam by the recipients.

Avoid long subject lines:

The subject lines must be short and straightforward instead of long. There are too many reasons for it, but the main point that proves these criteria is. Almost every email is read by smartphones or ready-to-use devices like tablets and laptops. So, each small size device can’t be able to display long subject lines. Another good point is, people will not invest their time to resolve the mystery of your subject line. They want ready-to-go and straightforward stuff.

Do(s) for Subject line


Subject lines with the first name or Last name can be a great choice. It would be best to add these tricks within your email subject lines and try to give FOMO offers. You can combine 2 or more types of subject lines with your email. Like the question type of subject line with the first name will work. Don’t forget to highlight the recipient’s interest. 

Prefer Simple and Catchy:

Keep your subject line simple and catchy so people will feel curious about you and willing to know more about you. It will increase the open rates as well as you will increase the brand value. It also keeps you safe from spam folders.

Provide Unsubscribe link:

Unsubscribe link is vital as the subject line, showing the quality. Some people don’t want to receive mail that doesn’t have unsubscribe links. And as an email marketer, this could be an essential thing to give the recipients a door to avoid unnecessary emails. 


As per the studies, more than 70% of the recipients receive and open their mail-in mobiles or smartphones. Now, not everyone will be the same in a manner of study, age, and gender. To overcome these disadvantages, keep your subject line short with high readability.


Each email marketer wants the recipients to receive the mail and open it for further information. And, it isn’t an impossible task. You can create subject lines that generate urgency in the recipient’s minds to encourage them to take action.

Use emoji:

Lastly, Emojis can create an emotional attachment with your consumers. Use relevant emojis to make a noticeable growth for your email campaigns. More than 55% of companies boost their open rates and sales by using subject line emojis.

Different Styles and Purpose of Subject Lines

There are more than 15 types of email subject lines available if we can discriminate. So, we listed some of the most important types in this article. But, you have to choose the perfect subject line as per your business or email type. Because a Software Developer may use some specific subject line which businessmen can not use with restaurant or hotel business. So, try to create unique subject lines as per your requirement. You will learn different types of subject lines here with examples. So, Let’s start and discuss all the subject lines in brief. After discussing all kinds of subject line types, we will discuss some good and bad subject lines with a comparison.


Professional people are constantly living an organised life. These people always go further with straight and formal subject lines. Suppose you want to send the mail related to a new product or service launch or about a seminar. These types of mail must have an informational subject line that encourages people to open the mail and consume further information. You must try to place the subject lines that work as a mirror of your email content. You can create a subject line that can reflect the email’s importance. Here are some of the best examples listed below.

  • Email Marketing live webinar: July 5
  • Check out our new marketing software
  • News: Our new outlet is now near you

Short and Simple

In 20 century, we evaluated and compressed most things like Supercomputers and Telephones. Today we have Laptops and Smartphones that can directly connect us to the internet. Till today, everyone carries smartphones in their pockets. As an email marketer, you have a beneficial point just because of the smartphones. The readers and users can directly have your email in a couple of seconds. According to the display of the devices, we also prefer short and straightforward subject lines that contain 3 or 4 words max. It will save time, and we can play tricky games. Here are some great examples of Short and Simple subject lines.

  • The right time to shop
  • Related jobs
  • Hello Mr. Peter
  • Still not ordered


Subject lines with a personal touch will always help you to engage people. But the point is when we can use personal subject lines. We can’t use these subject lines with all the emails. But, we can also play some tricky games with these types of subject lines. For example, we can include their Firstname or Lastname within the subject line. It helps build trust, and you can use these subject lines to promote personal care or health-related emails. Or you can use personal subject lines for greeting or within the transnational emails. Here, you can see some examples of subject lines with a personal touch.

  • Steve, welcome to our group
  • Mr. Rogers, Thank you for your quality time
  • Mr. Rogers, you should try these new apps
  • Let’s get healthy together, Mr. Rogers


Random questions in the subject line are good ideas to engage and attract people. It immediately catches readers’ attention, but the result could be better if we try to share the questions with relevant topics. For example, a foodie person will immediately open up the mail relevant to a restaurant or new cafe in his area. A health-conscious person will be interested in catching the information about new gyms or health products. So, here are some examples of question subject lines. Understand the need and create your own more engaged full questioned subject line.

  • What’s next after MBA?
  • Is your family insured?
  • Thinking of being a great parent?
  • What’s the best time to send an email? 


These subject lines will always work because people feel that they are going to lose something important. Creating a sense of urgency motivates people to take action as soon as possible. It’s a proven fact that people will always respond when they notice the possibility of losing. So, here is another more tricky subject line guide available. You can create similar types of subject lines for your email newsletters. But, do not use it too frequently. Otherwise, you will lose some essential subscribers too.

  • Register fast, 48 hours left.
  • Deals of the Day.
  • Today only: 50% sale on footwear.
  • More than 50% discount: Save the date


The Command subject lines are something you’re just telling your readers to do right now. One fundamental and significant thing that can affect your business is if you’re thinking of using command subject lines. It’s pretty necessary to start a subject line with an action verb. It looks straight and meaningful, encouraging people to open the mail and respond. Strongly recommended, please do not use too straightforward commands in your email that may feel like an order. So here are some examples of command-type subject lines. 

  • Subscribe to us to catch more offers
  • Come and join us in London
  • Stop wasting your time
  • Stop thinking, Start doing


The List types of subject lines work well because the content creates curiosity in the reader’s mind. And this is the reason behind its growth. Just like all the subject line types we discussed, we can use tricky techniques to improve it. We can also create List subject lines better by using proper numbers and other emojis. The numbers will focus on readers’ minds, and it’s natural to use the numbers to catch someone’s focus. So, here are some best examples of Lists Subject lines.

  • Best 10 Security Plugins for your WordPress Website
  • 5 Motivational books for better thinking
  • 3 ways to make more money
  • 10 investments that return up to 20% 


Emails with a FOMO subject line will create fear of losing. FOMO means fear of missing out, and it explains that each human brain has a deep fear of losing anything. And when we use the FOMO subject lines with the emails, it will create a scarcity effect on readers’ minds. Then they take action with the fear of losing it before it’s too late. The FOMO subject line works better with combinations of words and works well if you can use tricks. Let’s discuss some of the best examples, read them, and create more effective subject lines.

  • Only 8 seats left
  • 50% discount on electronics: Limited time offer
  • Winter Festival: Few rooms left
  • Hurry up, book the ride now

Email Marketing subject line Example Comparison

The Good subject lines

  • John, take a look at September memories
  • Happy Birthday, John. See what we got for you
  • Enjoy this complimentary gift on a particular day, John
  • Don’t miss this great offer on Electronics
  • Important. Your service plan ends soon
  • Your plan benefits end soon
  • Get warm weather in this cozy winter. Plan a trip
  • Thank you so much. Enjoy a 20% discount on your next shopping
  • Flash sale, 50% off on services
  • Win a complimentary gift on each purchase, John

The Bad subject lines

  • John, we have something in our store for you!
  • What’s new this November.
  • You’ll love this, John
  • You have to open this mail now
  • These books will change your life forever.
  • Let me tell you about our business
  • Developers are investing their time in…
  • Want to book a demo?
  • We hope you are doing well, John
  • Follow us on Twitter


There are some most crucial subject line types we mention in this article. But, you can find many more different types of subject lines. So, as we discussed in this article, it’s beneficial for an email marketer to create a short subject line. Then, you can combine it with the FOMO effect or Personal type of subject lines. An email marketer uses creativity to create ideal and working subject lines..

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