Q. What is MailBaby?

A. MailBaby is an email smart host that offers outbound filtering. Emails are sent to MailBaby systems, and are analyzed for content. Email is then routed through an email zone based on the email content, and score of the email, or bounced as spam. IP reputation is handled by MailBaby. MailBaby monitors all our ips for blacklists, and works with email providers through feedback loops and other abuse monitoring to ensure email delivery.

Q. What ips does MailBaby send from?

A. All ips are located with in the SPF/txt record of _spf-c.mailbaby.net. For further information please see https://www.mail.baby/mailbaby-delivery-changes/

Q. Are email Forwarders supported?

A. Email forwarders are supported as long as SRS (Sender Rewriting Scheme) is enabled. SRS is supported in major control panels. With out this, emails may bounce due to SPF failures. Forwarders can be problematic due to SPF failures and forwarding spam. Using SRS is the best method to ensure delivery however forwarded emails using SRS are more strictly filtered than email over SMTP auth to prevent spam from being forwarded to remote systems which influences and affects IP reputation. Consider alternatives to forward like POP fetch or pulling emails.

Q. Is DKIM Supported?

A. Mailbaby signs only the transport hostname of the mail server. MailBaby will pass headers your server sets including DKIM for your own sending domain. Sending domain DKIM signing occurs on your own server and will properly pass through. DKIM is recommended to improve e-mail delivery. Email’s can be sent with out dkim, but will not be signed on MailBaby’s email systems at this time except for the transport domain.

Q. I get a bounce that CRON emails can only be delivered locally?

A. When using emails through cron with MailBaby, in addition to having a MAILTO set, also set a MAILFROM variable with a valid sender email to ensure remote delivery.

Q. A message has bounced back as spam

A. If a message has bounced back as spam, please use the bounce back URL included in the bounce message and use the ‘not spam’ or open up a support ticket with the email ID and bounce url.

Q. What is logged on your systems?

A. Mailbaby logs the sender, recipient, subject and spam scanning information for 60 days. The body of the email is not kept once a successful deliver is made. For false positives, mailbaby may need the email content in some cases which can be sent to falsepositive AT mailbaby.net.

Q. Are connections encrypted?

A. STARTTLS is required to send message to MailBaby servers. MailBaby will always default to sending email over TLS to recipient servers, however it is possible some systems do not support TLS and on those, the messages will be delivered over insecure connections.

Q. Are email lists supported?

A. Mailbaby is designed to protect outbound email systems, and not designed with email lists or marketing in mind. Nothing prevents using an email list with MailBaby. However, should an email sender have a high bounce rate – future emails may be temporarily blocked. This is part of the anti spam system. Email responses from remote domains are monitored automatically and based on those responses MailBaby may block emails that pass initial filters, but have a high bounce rate. Mailbaby requires that email lists are double opt in, and follow best practices including email list management. Lists that do not follow these practices will be blocked.


Some general rules are: an email list must be double opt in. Marketing emails, or cold call emails, such as visiting random websites and cold emailing email addresses (frequently followed up with a response such as did you miss my last email) are not permitted and likely would get immediately blocked as spam. Any domain sending over 5,000 emails per day should review Bulk email changes at yahoo / gmail to ensure that best practices like dkim/dmarc/spf are set up as well as unsubscribe headers. Failure to adhere to these will result in email being blocked.


Mailbaby is designed to protect outbound email of webhosting companies and businesses from outgoing spam, email compromises, and in the case of webhosting companies clients emails who are compromised. We understand the needs of webhosting companies and the risks of ip reputation damage. Mailbaby is not designed for email marketing companies. Companies or businesses who’s sole purpose are
– Marketing
– Affiliate email on behalf of another company
– Announcing a new alt coin
– Casino or gambling related
– Email to sms gateway
– Leak forums or other similar illegal forums
– Pharmaceutical/supplement companies
Are restricted from using Mailbaby. The above does not cover every situation and Mailbaby will determine based on our long history of identifying spam as well as feedback from other anti spam systems make a determination on if the service is appropriately used.

Q. What SPF records are needed to use Mailbaby?

A. Please see the MailBaby SPF link for more information on setting the SPF record for your domains. SPF is REQUIRED to use mailbaby.

Q. How does Mailbaby use information and protect privacy?

A. Please review Email and Privacy

Q. Does Mailbaby bill for blocked messages?

A. Yes, block messages are included with in the per 1000 email cost. To lower costs the following options are available: Account alerts to notify after a certain amount of emails are sent per month. Secondly deny rules can be used to block messages at smtp time which are not billed for, up to 1,000,000 messages. As there is usage at SMTP time to scan and block messages, even with a deny rule, the purpose is to quickly block messages that are spam and give time to resolve it on your own mail system with out incurring costs. All other emails which are accepted at smtp time are billed for.  The cost reflects the significant resources behind Mailbaby. The mailbaby service runs a dedicated mail clusters and ip ranges, constantly monitor blacklists through third party paid services, and invests in licenses for feedback loops and premium anti-spam data and premium block lists.

Q. Does Mailbaby offer installation services?

A. Installation services like setting up a smart host are not offered directly through MailBaby. The product is an SMTP only solution and should be set up and managed by a qualified system administration service. Those with dedicated servers generally have found their hosting company or datacenter support staff is able to set up MailBaby. We ask that users do not submit login details to their servers in support requests to protect your server data.

Q. How can I report abuse?


Please send abuse reports to abuse AT mailbaby.net or for more information please see https://www.mail.baby/report-abuse/