Q. What is MailBaby?

A. MailBaby is an email smart host that offers outbound filtering. Emails are sent to MailBaby systems, and are analyzed for content. Email is then routed through an email zone based on the email content, and score of the email, or bounced as spam. IP reputation is handled by MailBaby. MailBaby monitors all our ips for blacklists, and works with email providers through feedback loops and other abuse monitoring to ensure email delivery.

Q. What ips does MailBaby send from?

A. All ips are located with in the SPF/txt record of relay.mailbaby.net. These IPs may change, so there is no current list given.

Q. Are email Forwarders supported?

A. Email forwarders are supported as long as SRS (Sender Rewriting Scheme) is enabled. SRS is supported in major control panels. With out this, emails may bounce due to SPF failures. Forwarders can be problematic due to SPF failures and forwarding spam. Using SRS is the best method to ensure delivery.

Q. Is DKIM Supported?

A. Mailbaby signs only the transport hostname of the mail server. MailBaby will pass headers your server sets including DKIM for your own sending domain. Sending domain DKIM signing occurs on your own server and will properly pass through. DKIM is recommended to improve e-mail delivery. Email’s can be sent with out dkim, but will not be signed on MailBaby’s email systems at this time except for the transport domain.

Q. I get a bounce that CRON emails can only be delivered locally?

A. When using emails through cron with MailBaby, in addition to having a MAILTO set, also set a MAILFROM variable with a valid sender email to ensure remote delivery.

Q. A message has bounced back as spam

A. If a message has bounced back as spam, please use the perception URL included in the bounce message or open up a support ticket with the email ID. An email of the same content should be sent to [email protected] as well.

Q. What is logged on your systems?

A. Mailbaby logs the sender, recipient, subject and spam scanning information for 60 days. The body of the email is not kept once a successful deliver is made. For false positives, mailbaby needs the body of the message to investigate.

Q. Are connections encrypted?

A. STARTTLS is required to send message to MailBaby servers. MailBaby will always default to sending email over TLS to recipient servers, however it is possible some systems do not support TLS and on those, the messages will be delivered over insecure connections.

Q. Are email lists supported?

A. Nothing prevents using an email list with MailBaby. However, should an email sender have a high bounce rate – future emails may be temporarily blocked. This is part of the anti spam system. Email responses from remote domains are monitored automatically and based on those responses MailBaby may block emails that pass initial filters, but have a high bounce rate.

Q. What SPF records are needed to use Mailbaby?

A. Please see the MailBaby SPF link for more information on setting the SPF record for your domains.