Bulk email changes coming at GMAIL / YAHOO

Mailbaby is designed to protect outbound email servers from sending outbound spam, preventing password theft and protecting reputation, and not designed specifically for large mailing lists. However we understand some users may have mailing lists. There are changes are services like gmail / yahoo coming in 2024 that users who send more than 5,000 emails a day must adhere to. Further information is at


First, ensure your domain is had mailbaby SPF records following the spf set up

* All domains should have the SPF set up.

* Additionally the server hostname should have the spf set up. Common issues are form emails may show the server hostname, with out spf on that as well the email may fail.
– CPanel/WHM systems can use Web Host Manager -> email deliverability to easily set both SPF and DKIM.

* It is recommended to sign your domain with DKIM. Control panels like Directadmin and cPanel allow DKIM to be enabled. This is recommended for all control panel set ups. Mailbaby will pass your dkim signature, your private key stays on your server and the emails are signed.

* It is recommended to now add a DMARC record for your domains.

* Users sending over 5,000 emails a day on a single domain must have an unsubscribe header, and >0.3% of messages reported as spam

Mailbaby will not sign messages with DKIM for your domain, and does not control dns records to supply SPF or DKIM records. Our service monitors SMTP responses, and has added new bounces GMAIL for SPF and DKIM errors. However Mailbaby does:

* The transport domain of mailbaby is signed with DKIM for the *.mailbaby.net services.
* Mailbaby signs email with ARC headers when passing the email.

Many control panels make meeting the above requirements simple by easily adding DKIM records per domain and having a common SPF record for all domains. DMARC entries may require a custom template for DNS however as they are not commonly added on control panels.

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