Mailbaby is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information, as well as your clients privacy as email is passed through the service. When an email is sent to Mailbaby

* StartTLS or SSL connection is required to connect and send the email, encrypting the traffic

* The email is checked and scored through Mailbaby’s anti spam system
– If blocked a bounce message in SMTP transport will be displayed in a 5xx bounce error. The body of the email is removed and unrecoverable. The headers are retained for 60 days in logs. A one way hash of the body or attachment of the email may be kept to track spam campaigns.

– If the email passes

  • The email body is stored in a database temporarily.
  • The email will attempt delivery. This may be tried multiple times due to grey-listing on remote sides or other factors. The remote SMTP response will be logged for 60 days in the log for success or failure.
  • On success the email body will be deleted from the database, headers are logged for 60 days.
  • On failure the email will bounce, the body will be deleted and the email headers logged for 60 days.
  • Mailbaby handles all delivery from Mailbaby IP ranges located in the United States.
  • Mailbaby controls the ip ranges, hardware and network for email delivery. No public clouds are used for storage or email connections.

* Mailbaby’s spam fighting techniques include:

– Use of third party feedback loops. Emails Mailbaby has relayed, may be reported by remote senders under feedback loops. This is not a service run, or reported by Mailbaby, but third party emails reporting email as spam back to senders. Emails reported as feedback loops will generally include the body of the email. These reports will be manually reviewed by Mailbaby staff as part of abuse management.

– Use of ip and domain reputation services. Mailbaby will check the reputation of ips and domains in the header and body of the email using well known ip and domain reputation services, as well as internally run Mailbaby reputation services. These lookups are extremely common and should be expected as normal for any emails sent to any services whether through Mailbaby or not.

– Use of fuzzy hashes. Mailbaby will one way hash email body content in fuzzy hashes which are one way hashes of email content. These hashes will be checked against known spam campaign runs and past reported junk email.

Mailbaby is designed to first protect email accounts and ip reputation by blocking spam, phishing, malware and other viruses common in email. The nature of spam and malware is ever changing and while using the service emails may be blocked for suspected spam/malware/phishing which may include false positives. Any false positive can be reported in a web based bounce url, or through contacting support.