Mailbaby is adding additional IP ranges and mail delivery will transition and change. Please is an outline of the changes coming.

* What is changing?

Mailbaby has added additional ip ranges for mail delivery. If you use MailBaby’s default spf records no changes need to be made. If you run your own spf records, you must add

ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4:

* Why is this changing?

On Friday April 26th at 8 PM, the smarthost MailBaby sends email to will no longer permit companies like MailBaby from using this service by May 1st. Due to these changes no email will be sent to any third party smart host.

* How will this affect deliverability?

Mailbaby is committed to continue to keep high deliverability. IPs are monitored through MXtoolbox, smtp responses are monitored, feedback loops from return path have always been in place to monitor delivery, and ensure best practices.

* How can I help?

If you see any delivery issues please open a support request. Users running cPanel/WHM, directadmin and anti spam systems may have the ability to add mailbaby ips as part as known ip ranges. Mailbaby has also reached out to cPanel to add MailBaby ranges into their common email providers as well.


While there may some unexpected issues during this transition I remain confident in the AntiSpam techniques MailBaby has which includes auto learning from feedback loops and spam traps, premium data from rspamd and other anti spam services that delivery will remain high. Please reach out directly with any questions.