What software does mail baby run on?

Mailbaby is built up by system administrators and programmers with many years of experience in the industry. Mailbaby is built on on a strong cluster to eliminate single points of failures.

Mailbaby starts with FreeBSD running all systems. From there the initial connections uses HAproxy to load balance to many different relay servers. HAproxy chooses a server based on connections currently in use and response times and forwards the connection to secure internal relay servers using the HAproxy protocol to properly pass the connecting ips. From there the email is checked against a set of rules, spf checked, and passed along to ClamAV Virus Scanner then RSPAMD. A score is generated to determine the following:

* Is the email a virus? Bounced back
* Is the email spam? Bounced back
* If the email is not spam, the score determines the IP range that is used, or if the email is passed to another relay.
* The email is then sent successfully or bounced or retried based on the remote smtp server response.

Logs of the delivery are kept for 60 days. The message is removed when it is bounced or delivered.

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