Best Day and Time to send out E-mail Marketing Campaigns

Every Email Marketer should understand these two most important criteria about digital marketing. First,  analyse the campaign’s data to find the best time to send marketing emails. Second, How to figure out the perfect number of movements is enough to catch the best response. In this article, we will learn the techniques to find out the best time for our email marketing campaigns which is one of the essential facts in digital marketing. 

Smartphones are the most effective gadgets that affect email marketing. People can use smartphones to check their emails from anywhere and instantly. And it’s beneficial for the email marketer. Every time the recipient receives the email from the campaign, it will give a notification directly on their smartphone. So, we need to figure out the timings to send the emails. But most importantly, we need to figure out the frequency of emails so the readers do not feel annoyed. 

Generally, our data shows that we have to send emails every couple of weeks. It may be optimal instead of sending emails a couple of times a week. So, let’s discuss all the critical points related to this article. Firstly we will understand the timings. And then, we will learn the best frequency to send the emails to the campaigns.

Best Time to Send Emails

According to recent research, every weekday or working day can be the best day to send marketing emails. Generally, people open the emails between their working hours or till the evening. So, each working day can be the best day to send the email. But it’s not ended here because it’s just general research for everyone who works as a digital marketer. We also need to research email marketing or marketing automation data and numbers. It will help you find out the latest trends, opportunities, best lead generation, and sales conversions. But we need many emails, or we can say we need a huge email marketing list to analyse the data. It will show you the live numbers of recent practicals. As per the data numbers, you can create a marketing strategy and improve your conversation and sales.

Best Timings for Highest Open Rate

As we discuss, the best time is the day’s working hours. Because more than half of the emails are open between 9 am to 5 pm. But, according to some resources like google, 10 to 1 am is the best time to send the email. You can send emails throughout the day to have the highest open rate for your email campaigns. But when you analyse the email marketing data, you will find more essential criteria like the best hour and best day to send the emails. Your email content will also matter and affect your marketing campaign. So, let’s understand the best hours, days of the week, and days of the month for email marketing. 

Best Hours of the Day

Analysing the best hour of the day to send the emails will help you catch the highest open rates because all of the data and numbers allow you to understand the nature and behaviour of your recipients. The data will also provide information about how much time they spent. The best time or hour depends on several criteria like,

  • Challengers: How many companies or businesses also send their marketing emails simultaneously? These criteria will directly affect your email open rates.
  • Relevancy: Your marketing emails are relevant or essential as per the recipient’s interest? What is a good time to send the emails? So, the topic of the email also matters for higher open rates.
  • Recipients Attainability: The readers or recipients will be available at that time? Will he be at work or eating breakfast? The data will allow you to calculate the answers to these questions. 

Upon criteria is essential and will help you to calculate the timings. But, it’s not easy to conclude about the recipient’s availability and relevance from the data sets. Just above that, the different time zones are also a question that comes from out of the email marketing. So, to have accurate results, you need to analyse the campaigns according to the specific areas at a time. For example, a different captain for the UK, US, INDIA, etc. These data will allow you to calculate upon criteria like user availability and relevancy. Here look at the below example. The chart shows the open rates at different hours.

The chart shows us 3 different data analyses: Open Rates, Click Rates, and Number of campaigns. Also, the chart is based on one timezone and specific people who have some common type of interest. The chart shows that the highest open rate comes at 15 o’clock or 3 to 4 pm. And, we can analyse the highest available rates at the 16 to 17 o’clock or the 5 to 6 pm of the day. But, it can be different for different people of interest. So, we can assume from the above example that we should send out email marketing campaigns as per the data numbers you got from the analyst.

Best Day of the Week 

Weekly email campaigns are more beneficial because they won’t feel too frequent and frustrating to the reader or recipients. With the help of this method, you can decrease the rates of unsubscribes. But once you decide to send weekly email campaigns, you will wonder what can be the best day for sending the email campaigns. Several elements also matter on the open rates of the movements. As we discussed, the interesting subject lines, relevant information, and sometimes weather. In short, it’s hard to choose when you have too many different elements that matter. 

Here, we explain one example for you. It will help you understand the weekly campaigns, and we will also explain how they will work. Firstly, the coming instance of the campaign has an audience from the US, UK, India, Aus, and Canada. It will give us an idea about which kind of open rates and click rates we got on which day. So, let’s take a look at the data from the analysis.

Here is another chart that explains open rates and clicks rates on weekly campaigns. As per the graph, the highest available rates are on the 3rd day, and the highest click rates come on Sunday. So, we can conclude that Wednesday can be a good day to send email campaigns. But as per the graph, we can see that Monday and Tuesday can also be a good choice for email marketing campaigns. 

Best Day of the Month

Lastly, let’s understand the best day of the month to send the email campaigns. Many brands follow the weekly email marketing campaigns, but many follow the monthly email marketing campaigns. So, if you’re thinking of choosing the monthly email marketing campaigns, it’s essential to understand all the analytics to select the best day of the month. The data can be different from the example we explained, but we’re trying to give you an idea of how we can measure the best time per the data from email marketing campaigns. So, let’s understand the following graph and example that you can see below.

So, as you can see here on the graph, It shows some of the best days of the month for email marketing campaigns. We have some specific numbers here like, open rates, which are very good at 3rd and 4rth, but it doesn’t mean we’re too successful according to click rates. But, if you can see the open rates at 14 to 16 dates. It’s not too high, but you can see the click rates of that date. So, you need a perfect campaign first to calculate the numbers.

Overall Best Time to Send the Email

So, as we discussed all the examples and graphs, what time can be the best time to send the emails campaigns. To generate more leads, open rates, and click rates. We can calculate the numbers one by one, and firstly if we see the best hour of the day, it must be 4 pm to 6 pm as per the graph. Now, 3rd means Wednesday was the best day of the week to send the emails as per the best day of the week graph.

We just got the best time to send the mail weekly, and it’s Wednesday 4 pm to 6 pm. Now, if you’re interested in motley campaigns, you also want to learn the monthly email campaigns. Then, as per the graph of the best day of the month, we have 16th. On this date, this campaign has the maximum open and click rates. But you can also find the second best. It’s up to you and your email content.  


In this article, we learn some techniques for finding out the best timings for email marketing. But, let me clarify that all the data analyses are taken from regular campaigns. You will need a strong email list first. It must be based on your business and brand. Then after you can do all the research and find out the best hour and best day of the week, make sure you have a massive list of interested and related people to catch the highest open rates. Your Subject lines and content also need to be accordingly solid and attractive.

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