Windows hMail


To configure MailBaby on hmail server, Please follow the instructions below


1 ) Download the hmailserver from the website and double click to run the setup



2) Click “Next” , and choose “I accept the agreement”


3) Then , Please click “Next” to continue

4) Please choose “Full Installation”

5) For database server type, Please chose “Built – in Database Engine”

6) Please click “Next” to continue with default folder

7 ) On the next screen, Please choose your own password to access the hmail server. You need to enter the password during hmail server initial setup

8) On the next screen, Please click “Install”

9) Once installed , Please check “Run hmailserver administrator” to start the program and click “Finish”


10) Then you will be asked to enter the password which was created earlier on installation. Once you have entered the password the following screen will appear. To add a domain name click “Add domain” and click “save”


11) Once the domain name is added, Navigate to Settings ->Protocols ->SMTP then on the right side of the SMTP settings , Please click “Delivery of Email”



12) Please configure the SMTP Relayer settings with the instructions below


  1. i) On the Remote Host name field enter and on Remote TCP/IP port field enter 2525
  2. ii) Check mark “Server requires authentication”

iii) On the Username and password field, Please enter your mail baby login details. The username starts with ‘mb’ followed by a number. You can find your username and password inside

iv ) Please choose connection security “STARTLS(Required)” then click “Save” on bottom right.


Note : On the screenshot above we have used a test account name “mb12345” as an example.

If you would like to set up a mail client like outlook , Thunderbird on a local machine then the SMTP port 25 needs to be allowed on the VPS firewall.


To open the port on Windows firewall, Please follow the instructions on the link below

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