What is an E-mail Header? And It’s Detailed Explaination

Email marketing technology is one of the best techniques nowadays. All the best brands and companies use this technology for their brand and product growth. There are many ways to use this strategy. For example, Some big companies use this strategy for promotion, some of the big fashion brands use email marketing to spread the product details. Many big companies use this strategy to sell their products to their subscribers. We have enough tools for automatic email campaigns. We just need to add the details and mail list. So, it will automatically send all the emails with necessary information related to the client’s interest. So, in this article, we will discuss one of the best email components called Email Header. But before that, we have to discuss what an Email Header is and why this part is so important. So, whenever you’re creating an email for any purpose. These crucial points will help you make an ideal eMail that fulfills its purpose. The topics we will discuss will also allow you to create emails that look different and stand out from many emails. So let’s start with the email header. We will learn all the necessary things about email headers, like what email header is and how it will help you engage more people with the email.

Before we jump to the Best Email Header Examples, let’s understand what Email Header is!

Email Header is one of the most essential things that describes the email in some words. Think of an artist that wants to create a painting. An artist will always keep the painting’s meaning in his mind. The email header entirely does the exact implementation on the client or subscriber’s mind. To create a perfect marketing email is the dream of every marketing expert. Simple focused and logical mail with straight concentrated information on their header will be the best emails. Because the subscriber or the receiver will definitely go through the content and subject, they can understand why this email is here in his inbox. The email header is only responsible for throwing the information they actually want about the email. The email header is a mandatory thing that always comes with mails, but what if we create these headers more attractive. Does it affect the subscriber’s Decisions? Yes, of course, it will, but before we understand the title. Let’s understand the several parts of emails.

An email will always have two essential parts.

  1. The Email Header
  2. The Body/Text 

Now, the email header consists all the information like,

  1. The Date
  2. The Subject
  3. The Sender
  4. The Recipient
  5. The Server information responsible for the transmission
  6. The Graphics/Image (Optional)

Here in the below image, you can see all the information. This information will be available on all the emails in your inbox. Try to explore some of the emails within your inbox. I took this email source from Gmail, but you can see it with every email service provider.

A perfect email or newsletter header is significant. Subscribers or Users will find it more attractive when your email has visual graphics and engaging content. They will immediately visit your website and share the information with their loved ones. And, your purpose of that mail will be fulfilled here when people find it essential and transfer it to others. So, technically we can say that the email header is nothing but a bunch of information that contains all the necessary signatures and details. The header is not visible to the recipient; the email header is just an upper part of the email that can be the brand or company information. In simple words, the email header is a piece of HTML code. We can create, edit and recreate it with basic email marketing knowledge.

Till now, the email meant just plain text and relevant images. But now, all the professional emails used for marketing purposes are advanced. There are so many people like Marketing experts, Graphic Designers, Developers, and copywriters who create emails with the necessary information coded in HTML/CSS. So now, these emails can do many tasks like redirecting users to specific websites or product pages. With the help of graphics, we can create extraordinary mail that stands out and looks great.

Important Note: 

The Email Header and Preheader are two different parts of the email. So, please don’t be confused between them. As we understand what an email header is, the preheader is nothing but a text message next to the Email Subject. The preheader is also called Jonson Box. Preheaders are nothing but a short form of email content. It provides summarised information about the email message. Generally, the first sentence of the mail is considered a preheader, but we can set them manually. But, these preheaders are also an essential piece of email because it has the courage that provides the ROI or Conversion rates that a marketing expert is looking for.

How can we read the Email Header?

Every email client has its own way of showing the details of the header. Some of them hide the header details in a drop-down menu. But, it is always readable, and every email client allows you to see the header details. Now, if we took an example of Gmail then, you can see a small grey arrow, as you can see in this below image. You just need to click on it to see all the header details on a drop-down. Most email clients will allow you to see the details like sender, subject, and send date. But, for further information, you have to click on the drop-down menu.

Let’s understand the requirements of an Ideal Email Header.

There are hundreds of marketing emails appearing in your inbox every day. Now, if you’re a marketing expert, you will notice every unique technique used in that mails. When we talk about email headers, all we need is some creativity. The email with all the required links and attractive graphics will attract more people. But still, there are specific laws available that can help us keep our email header neat and clean. The law of information means anti-spam laws are available that allow your mail to be sent to subscribers’ inboxes instead of spam folders.

So, here we will discuss all the required information available in your email header. This information will also help your recipients to know about the mail they’re receiving and whether interacting is safe or not. These anti-spam laws will also protect readers from different real spam and malicious emails that can harm their inbox.

The information in the email header must be accurate and not be misleading. In other words, when an email drops on a subscriber’s inbox. At Least they have the basic information about the mail like company name, the purpose of correspondence, and what they will find within the mail. Here you can see some of the header fields with perfect descriptions. I had to describe each field with actual meaning and what information was required.

  • Form Field: The FROM field must be a name or company/brand name from the label. You should type a familiar name to your subscribers, and they will immediately know the email sender.
  • Reply-to email address: The REPLY TO field means whenever the receiver or subscriber replies to the mail, it must be connected to someone who can answer their questions. This field must be available with all of your mails used for marketing purposes. The reply-to address is much essential as upon FROM field. It must be correct, and the receiver can send the reply mail with their queries. The domain which you’re using to send the mail must be accurate.
  • Subject line: This field is the most important and trickiest one. As we all know, the meaning of the subject line is nothing but a perfect purpose of the mail. It must pertain to the content, but you can do some great things with this field. You can use this field as per your requirement and make it more meaningful, but don’t ever try to use this field to force people to open your mail. 

What are the Pros and Cons of using Email Header and Preheader text? 

As we discussed, there are so many benefits of using headers and preheader text. Just like that, there are some specific pros and cons available for using Email Headers. To create a good and effective email header, these areas of email can increase your email marketing performance. A good email header can increase your open rate and conversion rate. So, here I describe some of the pros and cons that will help you save your time and energy if you keep your eye on these points.


The email headers and preheaders used with the perfect format will definitely help you increase the performance of your E-mail campaigns. Here are some other things that should be focused on within the correct format. Here are some advantages of it.

  • Convince the reader to click through the email
  • attractive offers and incentives for users
  • Increase Open Rates and Conversion Rates
  • Increase website views and product views
  • Easily Shareable with different people


It’s hard to describe the many negative impacts of email headers and preheaders. But still, there are a few things that can have some adverse side effects. It can be resolved by how you are using these fields. Keep it in mind while creating an ideal mail.

  • Do not repeat the exact text for Preheader text and Subject Line.
  • Must include the unsubscribe link in some unique text like ” not interested, you can unsubscribe us from here” or anything else. 
  • Keep your preheader text short and straightforward because you use long text for it. It will be cut off and not readable within the row. Keep it short and attractive; few important words are enough. Keep it simple and understandable, so the subscriber will directly understand the purpose of the mail. It also saves a considerable amount of time for email creators and readers.

Here are some tips if you’re using an Email Marketing platform like Mail Baby. In that case, your email header will automatically be added. There are many other SMTP marketing platforms available with different rules. You must be sure that it’s accurate as per your requirements.

Here, we had discussed almost everything about email headers. Now, let’s discuss some of the best Email Headers with examples. Here is the list that we will discuss in this article. Some are very common; most people will find some of them familiar.

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