How to configure SMTP in WordPress using MailBank

Mail Bank is a very effective email service provider plugin for SMTP services. You can install and download it from the WordPress dashboard. This plugin is available for free in the WordPress plugin directory. The core plugin comes with a free SMTP service. Also, the plugin provides various advanced features and tools for SMTP. Also, it ensures fast and high email deliverability. 

The Mail Bank plugin consists of a list of advanced features to test, log, and control your email deliverability. You can also use this plugin over multiple WordPress installations and networks. Mail Bank plugin has advanced functionality by sending emails with a customized Zend Framework. Moreover, the plugin is translated into various Japanese, Italian, and other languages. If you use another postman or conflicting SMTP plugin, you can easily import the settings once you migrate. 

Mail bank includes PHP function options and SMTP service API options to connect it with your site. You need to enter your SMTP service provider’s API and domain name to associate it with your site. You need to enter the details of your SMTP host, encryption, authentication, username, and password of your SMTP account. It will automatically verify your account and let you send the test email immediately after verification. Also, you can use and install this plugin on up to 5 separate WordPress sites.

Moreover, you will have Multisite network support in the plugin’s premium version. However, the free version of the plugin doesn’t include many advanced features. If you want to upgrade to advanced features, you can purchase their premium version. So, let’s discuss the essential elements of this plugin in brief,


  • Mail Bank has a straightforward interface and setup process. 
  • This SMTP plugin offers two types of encryption like SSL, TSL, and no encryption.
  • You will have a core version of the plugin, which is available for free, and It also offers the premium version.
  • You can use this plugin on up to 5 WordPress sites. Although, free users can install only to 1 location. 
  • If you use the free version, you can install it only on one site. The premium version consists of multiple advanced options. 
  • The premium users will enjoy WordPress multisite network support. You need to install Mail Bank on your leading site, and you will be able to manage all of your network sites from a single installation.
  • The core version of this SMTP plugin consists of technical support to users. 
  • Also, the premium users will have priority support packages available off-site.
  • Moreover, you can easily update the plugin for free. Also, you don’t have to worry about compatibility because this plugin is compatible with almost all of the WordPress plugins available.
  • Also, you will have multiple support for every Free SMTP provider, including the Mailgun and SendGrid APIs.
  • You will also have a full debugging information feature. It provides detailed information and a button to contact their support team.
  • The Mail Bank offers two types of encryption like SSL, TSL, and no encryption.

Pricing Details:

Mail Bank is feature-rich and provides free SMTP service for WordPress sites. The plugin is available and installed for free from the WordPress plugin library. Also, you can easily install and activate it from the WordPress dashboard. The plugin comes with the premium version. Also, it includes three paid plans – Pro, Developer, and Agency. The Pro plan consists of multiple advanced options such as integrating APIs, automatic plugin updates, email analytics, statistics, and many more. The Pro plan of the plugin will retail for around $33.79 per year. The Developer plan retails at $78.87 per year. Also, this plan includes Captcha bank pro edition, Backup bank pro edition, Gallery Bank pro edition, and many more. The Agency plan costs $112.67 per year. Also, the SMTP plugin comes with life plans as well. You can also purchase lifetime plans just by a one-time payment.

Install and Activate Mail Bank Plugin 

Installation of any plugin in WordPress is always easy. Follow the below given steps to install and activate MailBank in your WordPress site.

Step 1: First, you need to log in to the WordPress admin dashboard

Step 2:  After that, you will see the option “Plugins” on the left-hand side panel. Click on “Plugins,” then select “Add New.”

Step 3: You will see a search box on the top right-hand side corner. Search “Mail Bank”

Step 4: Then, you need to click on “Install Now.” 

Step 5: After installation, you need to activate Mail Bank to use it on your site. Now, click on “Activate.” 

Now you have successfully installed and activated the plugin. You can connect to an SMTP service provider to send emails from the WordPress sites. 

Set up Mail Bank Plugin 

After activating this plugin, you can integrate and manage this plugin within the WordPress dashboard. We have explained step by step guide below on how to connect SMTP server using this plugin, 

Step 1: First of all, go to the “WP Mail Bank‘ option on the left-hand side panel of the WordPress dashboard. Then click on the “General settings” options. 

Step 2: The settings panel will open up. You can easily enable or disable the various modes or options from the settings panel. Firstly, enable the debug mode for getting the mail output. Also, it allows you to remove the database at the uninstall of this plugin. You can help or disable it as per your choice. 

Step 3: If you want to monitor all outgoing emails, you can enable that option from the settings. It will also auto-clear the email reports. However, this option is available in the pro version. Make sure to click on the “Save Settings” option. This way, you can easily set up the plugin’s general settings. 

Set up SMTP service on your site using WP Mail Bank Plugin

After setting up the WP Mail Bank plugin, you can easily connect to the SMTP service on your site using the setup wizard of this plugin. You just need to follow the steps mentioned below, 

Step 1: Go to the “WP Mail Bank” option on the left-hand side of the WordPress dashboard. Then select the “Setup Wizard” option. 

Step 2: You will see the setup wizard with three-stage levels. Firstly, you will have to enter the essential info. You will need to enter the name field and email address. It will help you to ignore the values set by other plugins. Click on the “Next step” button. 

Step 3: After that, the second step is “Account setup.” You will have to enter the sender’s email address, reply-to email address, and additional email headers in this section. Then you will need to select the program used to transmit all the emails. Also, you can check the box at the bottom if you want to send a test mail to verify the settings. 

Step 4: If you want to send the emails from your SMTP service provider, then select “send email via SMTP” under the “mailer” option. You will be asked to enter the SMTP host, encryption, SMTP port, authentication. Username and password. Once you have entered the SMTP host details, you have linked your SMTP service provider with the plugin. Now, click on the “Next step.” Once you have proceeded, the test email will be sent. 

Step 5: Also, you will have an API option for many SMTP service providers. You can select the API option if your SMTP service provider is available in the list. Then you will only require to enter the API key and domain name. After that, click on the “next step” button.

Step 6: Once you are done with the “account setup” stage. You will be directed to confirm the stage. In this step, you can send the test mail by entering the receiver’s email address, subject, and email content. Now, click on the “Send Test mail” button. Once you hit that button, the email will be sent to the receiver’s email address. You can also send the other test emails if you wish. Or you can click on the “Save Settings”.

You have successfully linked your SMTP server with the plugin to send the emails. This way, you can set up and connect SMTP service providers. 


The Mail Bank plugin is a powerful option for connecting SMTP service providers to WordPress sites. You can easily connect your SMTP host using this plugin with just a few clicks. This plugin is free to use for WordPress sites. You can install and activate this plugin from the WordPress plugin directory.

To use the advanced features of this plugin, you can upgrade to the premium version of the plugin. The installation process is rapid, and you can follow the steps mentioned above to install and activate the plugin on your site. We hope this article will help you to connect and set up an account for sending emails from your site using this plugin.

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