The 5 Best E-mail Marketing (e)Books in 2022

Email Marketing is just a small and essential part of the digital marketing field. Today, we already have significant innovations and tools available on the internet that makes digital marketing more accessible and reliable. But email marketing is a vast concept if you’re thinking about being an expert in it. There’s a highly motivational quote that can explain better. “Never stop learning because life will never stop teaching”. You have to learn new things every day because it’s not about your business or expertise.

Authors and Writers always keep writing books about everything we need to know. And one single book can be a big bundle of knowledge. So, in this article, we will discuss the top 5 books on Email Marketing worldwide. Read these books to be an expert in email marketing. But before we discuss the books, we need to learn why email marketing is so important.

Email Marketing: An essential part of digital marketing

‘Email Marketing is outdated’ – it’s just a myth. Digital marketing strategies have too many options nowadays, like Social media marketing. It may look straightforward to perform and more effective. But, the inner truth is, the excellent practice of Email Marketing can get more effective results than any other strategy. Suppose you’re here to learn Email Marketing. In that case, you should know everything about email marketing and human psychology because any digital marketer doesn’t want the consumer or client to feel frustrated with your marketing stuff. There are different strategies for email sending time and frequencies. Now, if you’re sending your marketing emails too frequently, which are not even relevant, in this case, the anxiety of the receiver is fair, and you will lose the client or consumer.

Each email marketer should understand all the basic principles of email and digital marketing. It may take time to understand, but you should learn all the ins and outs of email marketing. But why email marketing instead of any other marketing strategies? Just because, until now, dozens of marketing tools and techniques have come and gone. The only email marketing is to keep enhancing and improving itself. To this day, if you want to be a successful email marketer and you have that courage. Then, you can find every little thing about email marketing on the internet. From best subject lines to email marketing frequencies, you have everything in case you want to learn.

One of the most effective practices is reading books. There’s a saying, ‘books are human’s most loyal friends. Because when everything changes, your book will be the same. So, here are the top 5 books for a better understanding of email marketing. We will discuss each book in brief in this article.

  1. Email Marketing Demystified BY Matthew Paulson & Elisa Doucette
  2. The Email Persuasion BY Ian Brodie
  3. Email Marketing Rules BY Chad White & Jay Baer
  4. The New Inbox BY Simms Jenkins
  5. Email Marketing Excellence BY Kevin Hillstrom

Email Marketing Demystified BY Matthew Paulson & Elisa Doucette

The Email Marketing Demystified book by Matthew Paulson is a best seller book on amazon in the “Mail Order Small Business” category. The Kindle ebook edition is available for around $3. This book has some best strategies for growing our email marketing list or subscribers list. This book has highly informative 246 pages that we can’t compare with the price. You will find nine essential topics and a series of appendices. See the below list of crucial points you will find within this book.

Important facts:

  • Topics
    • Selecting a best Email Service Provider
    • Building Mailing List through our Website
    • 14 ways to grow our Mailing List
    • How What, and When to Send the Emails
    • Creating an inspiring mail to take action
    • Six ways to make money with Mailing List
    • Email List maintenance and Email Deliverability
    • Legal Aspects of Email Marketing 
    • Outbound Email Marketing
  • The author described 15 different proven techniques to build a massive mailing list.
  • This book explains six new revenue streams for your business using email marketing in detail.
  • How do optimise each email marketing step to grow business sales rapidly? In a detailed explanation of boosting sales.
  • How to create the best email copy that can catch readers’ engagement and how to motivate them to take action.
  • This book also explains how to grow an email list with a ready to hunt and hungry fan base that always respects your content or email.
  • One of the best topics of this book is “how to keep your email out of the spam folder” and related best practices.

Email Persuasion BY Ian Brodie

Email Persuasion can be the best book for beginners in Email Marketing. This book was written and Published by Lan Brodie in 2013. Hundreds of reviews are available on Amazon and other bookselling platforms that say the same line about this book: “This is the best book on email marketing”. This book is currently available on Amazon Kindle for free. The moral of this book is to explain how to attract more clients and catch more sales with email marketing. In detail, you will find an explanation of each step that can help you build your email marketing list. 

Important facts:

  • Six different subject line guides to create exciting subject lines. It helps to motivate the reader to open and read the mail.
  • Explanation of advanced techniques as to how to convert subscribers to paying clients. So, you can sell any products to your client and make money.
  • One of the best topics of this book is the explanation of ‘How to engage more and more readers with your emails’. So, it will help you to build a loyal fan base that is ready to buy the products suggested by you.
  • Another best is the detailed explanation of the ‘optin formula’. This topic will help you get the right people or subscribers on your mailing list.
  • If you’re a beginner in the Email Marketing industry, this book will help you understand all the insight Mapping techniques. You’ll also learn a deep understanding of your client’s needs and how to motivate them to buy from you.

Email Marketing Rules BY Chad White & Jay Baer

Email Marketing Rules book’s author is Chad S. White, one of the best email marketing experts. In 2018 he was the email experience council’s email marketer and leader of the year. You can follow him on Twitter. The second author Jay Baer is the author of five best-selling books. It is the third edition, and it has 488 pages. This book can explain 150 best email marketing practices with a checklist and strategic framework that leads to long term business. So, let’s discuss all the essential facts about this book.

Important Facts:

  • As per its name, this book contains all the basic and advanced rules of email marketing strategies. In other words, this book will give you all the guidelines needed to run a successful email marketing campaign.
  • This book also explains how to design emails with graphics and content. So, we can create an exciting email for better engagement.
  • You will also learn how to maintain quality in your email list or how to focus on high-value readers and subscribers.
  • You’ll also have all the authorisation based information like which type of permissions we require to send the Commercial or business emails.
  • This book also explains the best research techniques that help you understand a client’s or reader’s concern—all the things you can measure during each phase of the subscriber’s lifecycle.
  • And lastly, this book also provides you with a better understanding of deep metrics of the right program goals. So, you can keep the focus on them and use the email list better.
  • This book also explains interpreting campaigns, channels and subscriber metrics. So, if you’re thinking to be a great email marketer, you must read this book once.

The New Inbox BY Simms Jenkins

The new inbox book is written by Simms Jenkins, one of the leading email marketing agency BrightWave’s CEO. BrightWave is an award-winning firm. They have proven email marketing programs that generate health revenue, decrease costs and maintain healthy, long-lasting relations. This book will find great tips and strategies for email marketing programs. This book has 4.2 stars out of 5 with excellent reviews, especially by beginners. So, here are some essential facts and details about the book and its content.

Important Facts:

  • Simms Jenkins explains and suggests the combination of Email Marketing and Social Media in this book. How can we use both marketing techniques and Simms believe that this match is made in heaven.
  • If you’re a beginner or experienced, this book can be a game-changer for everyone. Simms provides some specific benefits of mobile phones and how this little gadget changes the whole game of email marketing.
  • The new inbox contains real-life examples and tips that help you grow your email marketing list, create a better and more engaging email that can increase your sales, build trustable relations, and acquire consumers. All the strategies are available in this book.
  • This book also has real-life examples of how email marketing has become a digital marketing hub.
  • Suppose you’re a beginner and want to learn how we can use both email and social media marketing with the combination. In that case, you should try this book because this book explains every tiny point that will matter in this smartphone generation. 

Email Marketing Excellence BY Kevin Hillstrom

Email Marketing Excellence is the last book written by Kevin Hillstrom. Kevin has written and edited a range of award-winning books on different subjects. The books regarding American History, Cultures and Environmental issues. To this date, Kevin has published 45 books. Email marketing excellence is one of the most referred books for email marketing tips. It’s just a 72-page book with only quality content that explains the quality and importance of communication skills in email marketing. So, Let’s go through the list of essential facts about this book.

Important facts:

  • There are some essential answers available in this book, like how email marketing can contribute directly to the company’s overall business sales and success.
  • This little book also provides a deep level of understanding of Analytical metrics. These numbers and research will help you monitor and improve your email marketing campaigns.
  • It has a detailed explanation of the criteria of a perfect email marketing campaign. You can also learn the best procedure to create an ideal email marketing campaign.
  • There are thousands of people who read and refer to this book. You can check the reviews, and they are delighted with the book’s content and tips. 
  • Kevin Hillstrom has explained the importance of email marketing simplistically. So, people focus on the email marketing and related criteria like reader’s click action, Conversations and email deliverability.
  • All the metrics and calculations do not negatively impact your annual performance. So, if you’re looking for some best and quick instructions for the startup, you should try this book.


All the listed books in this article have specific email marketing knowledge. We also noted the book descriptions, like which type of content you will find in this book. You can go with the books as per your experience, and some books will help you start your business or train yourself with email marketing. Each book has specific content, and you can read all the essential topics available in this article. Read the crucial facts for each book and choose which book is the one you want to read first. 

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